Max panel size   23" X 35"

Pcb Thickness   .005" to .275"

Layer count     1- 30

Min layer to layer spacing   .002"

Max aspect ratio   20:1

Min track width/gap  .003" X .003"

Controlled Impedance tolerance:    Less than 50 ohm +/- 5 ohm     Over 50 ohm +/- 5%

Blind/buried via, HDI microvia

Laser drilling

HDI  1+n+1 , 2+n+2

Solder Mask - Green, Blue, Red, Black, Yellow, White

Peel-able solder mask

Buried resistors


Board Types

Single sided, Double sided, Multi layer, Rigid Flex, Flex, Antennas, PTFE substrates, metal core



HASL , Immersion Gold, OSP, Immersion tin/silver, Lead free HASL, Selective surface finishes, carbon ink



FR4 , High Tg, Halogen Free, CEM-1, CEM-3 Rogers, Arlon, Tyconic,Polyimide, PTFE & Microwave substrates, UV, teflon



Flying probe  

Bed of nails

AOI inspection



Ross Technology also offers:

Board Assembly

Board Components

Cable Assemblies



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